• daisy

About me

I don't really know how to answer the question about who I am without doing it so by stating my profession, but a collection of my passions and interests should be enough for now.

I love πŸ–Š drawing, 🎨 painting, πŸ₯Ύ hiking, πŸ“š reading, πŸ’ƒ dancing, 🧢 crocheting and knitting, πŸ—ΊοΈtraveling, πŸ’» coding, πŸͺ baking, 🍳 cooking, 🐈 cats, β˜• good coffee and πŸ€“ learning new stuff.

I'm currently learning about 🫐 foraging, πŸͺ‘ embroider, πŸ«™ fermenting, redefining ambition and the meaning of a good enough job.